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Google group

To make good on my promise from the wrap-up session yesterday, I’ve established a Google group for LATCamp.  Anyone who is interested in continuing the conversations that started yesterday, who is interested in starting new conversations about legal information and technology, or who is interested in planning future LATCamps should join.  Spread word of this listserv widely, and maybe LATCamp will grow to have several regional camps next year!


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Here’s a map with important locations for the day of LATCamp.  Restaurants will be added as we determine where to go for lunch – check back often!

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If you plan on driving to LATCamp, here’s some information on visitor parking at Harvard.  The closest lot is 10 Everrett St, though 52 Oxford is also nearby.

If you can, take the T, since driving through Harvard Square can be tricky.

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The LATCamp Team has just posted a few session proposals to start the conversation.  Please comment on these to flesh out the ideas and post some of your own ideas for sessions, too!

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Too busy prepping for finals and let the registration deadline for LATCamp pass you by?  Good news – we’re extending the deadline another two weeks!  You now have until Friday, May 6 to submit your registration form.  We’re halfway to maximum capacity of 75 and would love to top it off!  Wondering who else will be there?  Check out the Participants page to read brief biographies.  Also, keep an eye on the Session Proposals page, as it will be populated by participants in the coming weeks.  Don’t miss your chance to participate in the inaugural LATCamp, which is sure to be filled with energizing and thought-provoking discussions about the intersection of legal information and technology.

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One of the LATCamp organizers spotted a great write-up on The Chronicle’s website yesterday about a regional THATCamp meeting in Texas, and we wanted to share it with the LATCamp community.  This post does a great job capturing the energy and participatory philosophy of unconferences, and will give you a glimpse into what to expect from LATCamp.  Also, since some of the topics about technology will be the same regardless of humanities or legal education, hopefully some of our own participants will be inspired to post session proposals for LATCamp.

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If you’re coming from outside the Boston area and wish to stay overnight before or after LATCamp, we have arranged a discounted rate at two local hotels:

Harvard Square Hotel: $219.00

The Inn at Harvard: $289.00

To get the rate, call 617-491-2222 and inform the reservations clerk that you are with LATCamp.

Please note that June is a busy month in Cambridge, so we were unable to reserve blocks and the hotels inform us they are near capacity. We recommend booking early!

For information about other hotels in the Harvard Square area and beyond, please see the Berkman Center’s list of local hotel options.

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