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  • H2O – Laura Miyakawa
  • Pedagogy – Kimberly Hall
  • Mobile Websites – Karina Condra
  • Technology KM – Raquel Ortiz
  • Online Censorship and the Global Free flow on Information – Brady Kriss
  • Africa Law Wiki – Oliver Goodenough
  • Legal Profession Tech Lab – Jeanne

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Technology KM

How do we manage technology knowledge?  This was the question that we attempted to answer by creating an Emerging Technologies Committee in the library.  In this short talk, I’ll talk about the committee, its membership, and how we are sharing our technology knowledge in order to stay on the cutting edge.

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The LRW Project

Lectures and labs are all very good, but how do you get research instruction to students at the point of need, especially when that point of need may not coincide with reference desk hours? My colleague Kimberly Hall and I will talk about a project we’re working on to create an interactive, engaging, and fun online learning tool for first-year law students.

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Dork Shorts!

No – not that kind of dork shorts!

Dork Shorts (a.k.a. lightning talks) are brief, 2 minute presentations about a particular tool, project, or even seedling of an idea that you wish to share with the entire group.  You can sign up for a Dork Short ahead of time, or on the day of LATCamp.

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